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Meet our lead Chiropractic clinician, Ross Currie


Severe Pains in my Back & Neck

As a young man attending The High School of Glasgow and playing for the school 1st XV at Rugby, I became accustomed to having back pain and was forced to retire from a sport I loved at the age of only 18 due to the severe pains in my back and neck.

Sports had Taken its Toll Early

I had suffered for several years with back pain even from an early age as sport had taken its toll early on in life and the constant dull pain that I endured was never properly diagnosed. Many different treatments failed and it was a constant frustration. I just wish I had known what I know now. Many Doctors told me that it was just muscular pain and that in time it would "just go away". Of course it didn't and only when I was first adjusted by a local Chiropractor did I experience relief.

Diagnosed with a Compression Fracture

I had been diagnosed with a compression fracture in my back and disc damage in my neck and with a course of adjustments I was able to get back to a normal and pain free existence.

At First I was Skeptical

chiropractor-ross-currieAt first I was actually skeptical but I soon got the big idea and was very much inspired by what I learned about the body and my condition and how I may also help others. I was excited about the possibility of practicing such a fantastic profession and in the opportunity to help people naturally.

As a local Glaswegian, born and raised in Bearsden and a former pupil of the High School of Glasgow, I am passionate about health and educating the public and also practicing at the highest level.

I attended the AECC (Anglo-European College of Chiropractic) in Bournemouth where I started in practice in the Student clinic for 1 year.

Hyndland Chiropractic

Following graduation I opened my first clinic in Manchester City Centre with my former colleague and business partner Dr Massey. Following a successful 2 years I then left the Gonstead clinic in Manchester to return home to open the Hyndland Chiropractic Clinic where I am still in practice today.

Gonstead Method of Chiropractic

I practice the Gonstead method of Chiropractic, a system I am passionate about (see Gonstead Chiropractic) a very structured, specific and mechanical approach which I learned whilst in University and mastered in post graduate training in the USA, both in Mt Horeb Wisconsin and other locations across the U.S.
I realised early on at University that my education, although very comprehensive in the human sciences and clinical sciences, was lacking in the teaching of good technique, an essential part of being a good Chiropractor. So my colleague and friend Dr Massey and I attended over 200 additional hours of advanced technique at seminars in Europe and the USA as we wanted to be the best at what we did.

laurenOur experience of learning from the best in the USA was invaluable as we graduated and went into private practice without ever working for another Chiropractor. Our skills were already very good and that stood us in great stead.

I decided that from the day I graduated I would dedicate my life to being the best Chiropractor I could and to be able to serve my community effectively and to establish a fantastic reputation.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is that the human body is an amazing thing and when you give it the tools it needs it works at its best. That is what I attempt to deliver in practice. I provide the environment for a full recovery and give people the best chance to get well and stay well.

I see very young to very old patients and they see me for many different things and I am proud to help many families, many of whom have become good friends.

At Home

My life evolves around my practice and career however in the rare free time I have I prefer to enjoy having my personal time with my fantastic partner Lauren who supports me and my job and also is mother to my beautiful son Carson Jack.

Many thanks for visiting our site.

I look forward to meeting you in person at our clinics and learning of how we may be of service to you. Give our offices a call or email me using the link below and we will arrange a time to explore your options.