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What to Expect On Your First Visit

Arrival at the clinic

As you arrive at the clinic you will be greeted by one of our friendly reception staff who will guide you through completing our brief registration forms. We welcome you with a complimentary peppermint tea and you are made to feel at home and relaxed.



Following completion of your paperwork you will be introduced to Ross Currie our principal Chiropractor in our treatment room and he will run through a series of questions that relate to your complaint. This will involve a detailed history about your condition and also past medical history in order to fully understand what is causing your symptoms.


After your consultation your Chiropractor will then perform a thorough clinical examination which will include neurology tests, orthopaedic tests and musculo-skeletal tests. The exam is done on your spine and normally a full spine involves a full spine analysis as well as examination of any other joints that may be involved in your complaint.

Once the examination is completed your Chiropractor will then evaluate the need for any follow up testing such as x-rays and this will be discussed with you in full at that time.

There is a discussion on use of x rays on a separate page
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The whole process should take no more than one hour to complete. On your Follow Up appointment your Chiropractor will review the results of all of the tests and make recommendations.